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Plugin LabelUser quota
Short DescriptionMaintain the size of a given directory for each user
Plugin Identifiermeta.quota
AuthorCharles du Jeu


This simple quota implementation will use system command to compute the size on disk occupied by a repository folder. The quota limit can be computed either for each repository, or a global allowed size for all repositories. The limit itself can be set either with a default value for all users for each repository (when setting this plugin as a meta source for a repository), or at a user level by defining a custom field for the users in the CONF_DRIVER definifition.

Plugin parameters

Usage scope
Define if usage must be computed for this repository only, or cumulated on all the repositories of the userSelect (local, global)local

Instance parameters

User Quota
Authorized quota. Use php.ini like values (20M, 2G), etc.String
Cache value
Store computed quota value in the user preferences, to avoid triggering computation each time it is requested. This may introduce some lag if the repository is shared by many users.Booleanfalse
Soft Limit (%)
Limit that will trigger an alert when approaching the end of the quota. Use a percent valueInteger
Custom Field (Deprecated)
If you want to define quotas for each user, define a custom field in the CUSTOM_DATA parameter of the conf plugin, and declare this field name here.String