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Plugin LabelSubversion Repository
Short DescriptionExtract SVN informations (revision, change log, etc) if the workspace is a Working-Copy, and SVN is available as a commandline.
Plugin Identifiermeta.svn
AuthorCharles du Jeu
Dependenciesaccess.fs, access.demo


This one will add versionning functionnality to your repository. It is still limited to a given type of versionning system (Subversion), and will probably be re-worked more deeply to write a more generic meta.versionning plugin. So for the moment, the requisites are that your repository points to a WORKING COPY of a subversion repository, and that the svn commands are present in the command-line and accessible by PHP (via proc_open commands). There is no parameters involved.

Once active, every operation you do on your files (add/delete/modify content, and even modify metadata if meta.serial is active for example) will be automatically commited to the Subversion repository, and you will be to revert your Pydio repository to any revision at any time. You can also review the change log of a given file, and download the version of the file at a given revision.