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Plugin LabelFile Gateway
Short DescriptionShorten links and serve them proxied by Pydio hosted service
Plugin Identifiershorten.gateway
AuthorCharles du Jeu


This plugin allows you to use the exclusive Pydio hosted service, FileGateway. By shortening AND proxying your public links to your servers, FileGateway allows to you securely share resources with external users via public links without the risk of revealing your Pydio server URL.

To be able to use this service, please buy a subscription on website and grab the API Keys / API Secret that will be available in your account to configure the plugin. You can choose on which region you wish your links to be "hosted", either in the US ( or in Europe (

Plugin parameters

Api Key
Api Key as provided in your accountString
Api Secret
Api Secret, as provided in your accountPassword
Gateway Server
Choose on which server you want the link to be proxied. You may choose depending on your region.Select (filesend, yourshare)