Welcome to the new ajaxplorer.info!

Created on 2013/06/07

We are proud to release today a new version of the website, along with the major release of AjaXplorer! Appart from the look'n'feel (you may have already noticed it is now responsive), the most important changes are described below.

Forum migration

The most major change will probably be the migration of the forum from Vanillay to BBPress. We are now "full-wordpress" based, and glad to be! If you were already posting on the previous forum, all your posts should have been migrated automatically, along with your user identifier. BUT, there is a but, the password could not be imported from Vanilla to Wordpress. Thus, you'll simply have to user the "Reset Password" mechanism to set yourself a new password. After that, all should be back to normal.

Documentation reorganisation

The Administration Guide was almost entirely rewritten, in a much more feature-oriented way than it was before. It will never be exhaustive, due to the number of features AjaXplorer can provide, but it should cover 90% of the usecases of a starting sys admin. All other How-Tos and ponctual articles will be available through the Knowledge Base. The Admin Guide and Developer Guide are now wikis, to let you participate and expand.

The F.A.Q was also rescanned to make sure it's up-to-date. The Search Engine will query the Guides, the Knowledge Base and the F.A.Q to make sure you'll find what you need.

BuddyPress "Social" Extension

The users are handled by the BuddyPress social extension, which will allow you in the future to grow the Community experience in many ways. Create country-oriented groups & forums, follow activities of other users, etc...