Pydio Cells 1.2.1 - Bugfixes

Created on 2018/10/29
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Release early, release often! Pydio Cells 1.2.1 is a bugfix release for Pydio Cells.

Most noticeable changes

  • On-the-fly archive download (was working for single folder but not multiple selection, now working for both)
  • Fixes on DB locks and massive uploads (add retries, fix concurrent folders creation)
  • Small improvements in UX (left column and background tasks monitor are more compact)
  • Code clean and naming normalization for gateway services
  • Plus other small changes described in Changelog

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Upgrade is done either by using the in-app update tool (make sure to use the Stable channel) or by downloading and replacing binary. Necessary migrations will be applied on next restart.




  • Pydio Cells 1.2.1 - Linux - AMD64 - Linux 64bits : Download
  • Pydio Cells 1.2.1 - MacOS - AMD64 - Mac : Download
  • Cells Enterprise 1.2.1 - Linux - AMD64 - Linux : Download
  • Cells Enterprise 1.2.1 - MacOSX - AMD64 - Mac : Download
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