Pydio core 5.2.2

Created on 2014/02/22
Release Type: 

This is a security & bugfix release, upgrade is recommended. See changelog below.

  • Date: 22nd, Feb 2014
  • License: Affero GPL
  • Copyright: Charles du Jeu 2014
  • Demo
  • Download: zip, tar.gz, rpm, deb
  • Upgrade from 5.2.1: In-app tool, or via linux package managers - nothing special to do.
  • Contributors: cdujeu, ellegapydioiisen0


  • Meta.syncable : Make sure to clear stat cache (details)
  • Fix wrong autocompleter limit - there was a useless min() call. Fix #463 (details)
  • Fix #461 > hardcoded "localhost" (details)
  • Little CSS fix for Metadata in advanced search filter (details)
  • Revert how CROSSUSERS_ALLGROUPS_* options were applied by default, otherwise would create strange situations for group sub-admins Refix reserved roles appearing in admin even when not in DEBUG MODE AbstractUser now implements AjxpGroupPathProvider, to be checkable by canAdministrate(). Add checks throughout the ajxp_conf driver Fix ajxp_role editor for #457 (details)
  • Update font awesome to 3.2.1 (details)
  • Insert videos in a new tab of the dashboard. Yet to be "modularized" (details)
  • Rework dashboard design. Add a new tab for "Getting Started" (details)
  • Fix editor.text & editor.codemirror for various focused fields to disable key bindings. Fix #462 (details)
  • Compile Ellega's last commit (details)
  • Pclzip: revert a problematic commit for Windows OS. (details)
  • Default language was a bit broken in download pages. Security fix. (details)
  • Fix FormManager password-create field for IE8 Switch spinner to spinKit double-bounce (details)
  • Access.smb - enhancement and fix if Windows OS (details)
  • Fix user-defined metadata: fix #431 (quotes in long text), fix choices, remove "comments feed" it's a dedicated plugin. (details)
  • Remove -strip option on imagick, use -flatten instead, otherwise background is black on resize. (details)
  • Regexp2like function must stripslashes previously escaped chars (via preg_quote). Fix #437 (details)
  • Missing restParams to activate the REST api on some actions (details)
  • Typo: pointing to CHMOD instead of CHMOD_VALUE, applying chmod failed for files. (details)
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