Pydio Core 7.0.4 - Bug Fixes & Security Release

Created on 2017/02/06
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Pydio 7 is a full overhaul of the PHP code, raising the standards, improving performances and making the platform more modular than ever. We also introduce a new separate tool called Pydio Booster, written in Go, removing php limits and easing the deployment of WebSockets.

Please

Pydio 7.0.4 is a bugfix and security release for Pydio 7. Upgrade is recommended for all systems, below is a complete changelog.

Update Note: in-app upgrade and linux packages are available. No upgrade need for SQL database.

  • Make sure checking db version test does not break everything (if there is a missing table for example). (details)
  • Fix throw error when accessing to prohibited path on smb wsp (details)
  • Fix EncFS and caching issues (details)
  • Optim: make sure clear cache is called deferred. (details)
  • Do not use applyHook but load session manager directly instead for performances. (details)
  • Mq.serial: make $channels static variable as in mq.sql (details)
  • Add an option to disable nodes caching (details)
  • Add ldap support AD memberof values in nested group (details)
  • Fix EncFS (details)
  • Make sure that unserialized object is a Notification instance (details)
  • Switch lite version to full version (details)
  • Fix webDAV upload events. Should fix #1317 and fix #1318 (details)
  • Replace check for bypass_pwd by check on empty $pwd variable. Should fix #1316, please confirm (details)
  • Test USE_SESSION_CREDENTIALS value, not just isset(). Should be the real cause of #1316 (details)
  • Close session on possibly long requests that may block the UI (details)
  • Adding local cache per instance to MemorySafe and removing time limit on nodes cache (details)
  • Adding interval for the Zoho Editor when in the minisite (details)
  • Fix #1319, enable Copy action on readonly files. (details)
  • Making sure we don't break previous usage (details)
  • Update tutorial videos. Open panel by default for the first connexion. (details)
  • Fix events forwarding for one-doc minisite (use ContentFilter instead of relative path re-compute). Zoho send a create event instead of a content event. (details)
  • Fix for s3 shares (details)
  • Typo error (details)
  • 7.0.1 dist files (details)
  • Fix closing of videos tutorials (details)
  • Try to make a better error reporting when exception fails because response already sent or logger fails. Revert sending the clear cache operation as deferred when refreshing load node info, was breaking get_my_feed as node has a different url once in shutdown scheduler. (details)
  • Fix non-deleting alerts (details)
  • Fix notifications when registering on a "publicly visible" share. (details)
  • Add an optional parameter to enable links in digest email. (details)
  • Typo in roles manager could lead to group admin seeing unauthorized workspaces (details)
  • Remove double urldecode, creating "+" issues in Rest API. (details)
  • Typo in previous commit (details)
  • Missing logs when upload via pluploader. Fix #1321 (details)
  • Fix #1322 by triming userId whitespaces. (details)
  • Update release_note (details)
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