Pydio iOS client 1.6 released

Created on 2015/03/16
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Pydio iOS client version 1.6 released! This version is providing the "swipe-cells" for actions feature, plus a couple of bugfixes linked to the latest iOS updates. This version is probably the last before a brand new version entirely rewritten in Swift. Big up to Michal Svacha who joined the team recently!

  • New Features
    • Swipe the cell left or right for more actions.
    • Tap the cell to open the files.
    • When a file is added to clipboard, proper animation feedback is shown.
    • Added language support for Czech and Slovak.
  • Bugfixes
    • Search bar sets the query as text and not as a placeholder anymore.
    • Revamped icons of files and folders in the list.
    • Zip files no longer appear in preview.
    • App doesn't crash after a file was opened in another app.
    • Minor UI bugfixes such as: new 'fullscreen' icon on iPad, new back button on iPhone in preview mode, fixed action sheet tint, removed overlay icons in offline list and many more.


Swipe cells for actions