PydioSync 1.2.0 - Performances & Bugfixes

Created on 2016/03/15
Release Type: 

This stable release of our synchronization client introduces many improvements: better performances for high number of files, fixes on encoding issues on MacOSX, many more configuration parameters available to the user, and many small bugfixes.

Thanks to the following contributors: 7omate, sagaru, Adam Dobrawy

Detailed Changelog

  • Added a general configuration file with options such as logging format, size, auto update
  • Refactored sharing from Desktop
  • Added German language translation
  • Added options panel
  • Fixed a possible renaming file problems
  • Fixed handling of encoding in MacOSX (was causing unnecessary down/uploads)
  • Multithreaded the processing of changes
  • Patched import for easier development and use of Python tools
  • Fixed multi syncs after multi click on Fire the Rocket

What's next ?

We are keeping a strong focus on improving performances: particularly, if the sync client is well suited for real-time modifications, very first connexion and transfer of huge amounts of files may take a long time.


  • PydioSync 1.2.0 - Mac OSX Installer - Mac : Download
  • PydioSync 1.2.0 - Windows Installer - Windows 64bits : Download
  • PydioSync 1.2.0 - Windows 32bits Installer - Windows 32bits : Download
  • PydioSync 1.2.0 - Linux Binaries - Linux : Download

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