PydioSync Got a Boost and Became 1.0.1

Created on 2015/05/20
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PydioSync Got a Boost

Hi folks, 

Pydio 6.0.7 is a security release fixing vulnerabilities discovered by security researcher Lane Thames. These vulnerabilities are registered under CVE-2015-3431 and CVE-2015-3432.
See release note here.

Upgrade process: 

  • From Pydio 6.0.4 or later: upgrading is straightforward either via in-app upgrader or your preferred linux package manager (yum/apt-get).
  • From Pydio v6 but before 6.0.4, please read the 6.0.4 release notes carefully
  • For Pydio 5.X installs, well, it's time to upgrade to v6! However, we have released a dedicated patch for v5.2.5 is available on Sourceforge (see v5.2.6 folder), but you will have to apply it manually to your installation.

That's all for today folks, you know we take security matters very seriously, and we will always make sure your data is safe inside Pydio.

Lead developer