Using Google as an Identity Provider

Created on 2023/03/06, authentication, cells, google, identity provider, oauth, openid

Add a Google Connector

Create a Google Application for OIDC


Default values

name value

Step 1


  • Go to APIs & Services.

  • Then browse to OAuth consent screen

And set the following fields:

  • Application name: name your application
  • Authorized domains: add your Pydio Cells instance domain
  • Hit Save

Step 2

  • Then head to Credentials

  • Click on Create credentials

  • Select OAuth client ID

  • Application Type : Select Web Application

  • Press Create

Last step, name your app (make sure to remember your ID and Secret) :

  • Authorized JavaScript origins: Add your Pydio Cells url.
  • Authorized redirect URIs: add a redirect url such as, add at the end of your Pydio Cells URL /auth/login/callback (this is the endpoint).

Create a Google Connector in Cells

In your Pydio Cells instance go to Cells Console > Authentication > OAUTH2/OIDC > + Connector.

  • Select OpenID Connect
  • give it a label (name)

Then set the following parameters:

  • Canonical URL of the Provider:
  • Client ID: your previously fetched client ID
  • Client Secret: your previously fetched client Secret
  • Redirection URI: the same URI that you have set during the google app creation.