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Automating your Document Sharing with Pydio Cells Flows

Created on 2022/03/09, Flows
Document sharing and collaboration isn’t a nice-to-have anymore. But many sharing platforms create storage issues, security risks, and logistical blockages if admins don’t spend lots of time managing them. Pydio Cells Flows’ powerful, customizable automations change all that. Read more.

7 Best Practices for Document Sharing with Clients and Partners

Created on 2022/03/02
Most organizations have a handle on managing internal document sharing & collaboration. But how do you securely share documents with contractors, partners, and clients. Read on to find out.

Pydio Cells & Enterprise 3.0.5

Created on 2022/02/28
Cells 3.0.5 is a bugfix release for V3 branch. Cells Enterprise 3.0.5 provides experimental support for Kerberos/SPNEGO authentication.

Document Lifecycle Management for Secure Document Sharing

Created on 2022/02/23
Documents have a lifecycle (or at least they should) and managing that lifecycle can be a major burden on admins who look after document sharing and collaboration platforms. Find out more about the stages of a document’s lifecycle and how Pydio can help automate management.

Data Access Governance and Secure Document Sharing

Created on 2022/02/16
No matter how “secure” your document sharing & collaboration platform is, your sensitive documents are at elevated risk unless you have an effective Data Access Governance policy. Find out why.

Top 5 Security Risks of Document Sharing & Collaboration Tools

Created on 2022/02/09
Document sharing and collaboration can expose your organization to a range of data security risks running from accidental release of PII to cybercriminal attacks. Here are the top five risks of document sharing and collaboration tools.

Take Control of Your Documents with Pydio Cells Advanced Admin

Created on 2022/02/03
Since day one, Pydio has been designed for teams, providing data organization and access that other open-source solutions simply can’t compete with.

Pydio Cells & Enterprise 3.0.4

Created on 2022/01/31
Cells 3.0.4 is a bugfix release for V3 branch. Cells Enterprise 3.0.4 specifically fixes an issue with roles creation for users dynamically created via External connectors (OAuth2, OIDC, etc.).

Are You Sharing Documents Securely?

Created on 2022/01/13
Document sharing and collaboration is part of the everyday fabric of enterprise work life these days. But are you sharing documents securely? Read on to learn about the risks and best practices to follow.

Log4JShell Not a Worry for Pydio Cells

Created on 2022/01/05
You’ve probably have heard about the Log4J vulnerability by now. So as a Pydio user, you may be concerned about whether your Pydio or Pydio Cells deployments may be affected.