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New in Cells 4.0 - SmartForm Turns Cells into an Advanced Data Collection Tool

Created on 2022/11/03
Meet SmartForm, the intelligent, flexible form builder that turns Pydio Cells 4.0 into a powerful data collection tool. Learn all about how SmartForm can kick-start your data collection projects.

Pydio Cells & Enterprise 4.0.3

Created on 2022/11/03
Cells v4 is a major leap forward for clustered deployments. Release 4.0.3 is a bugfix release.

Cells v4 is Now Kubernetes-Enabled

Created on 2022/10/27
Kubernetes with Helm is fast becoming standard for managing your hybrid / private cloud. Pydio Cells 4.0 harnesses Kubernetes’ impressive scalability and resilience to deliver truly enterprise-ready document-sharing and collaboration.

Pydio Cells & Enterprise 4.0.2

Created on 2022/10/27
Cells v4 is a major leap forward for clustered deployments. Release 4.0.2 is a bugfix release.

Cells v4 Use Case: Secure multi-node document sharing made easy

Created on 2022/10/24
With today’s levels of document creation, sharing and collaboration, single-node setups are often no longer sufficient for enterprise users. If you need the speed, scalability and stability of a cloud-native, multi-node sharing platform, Pydio Cells 4.0 has got you covered.

Pydio Cells V4 - Now Enterprise Multi-cloud Ready

Created on 2022/10/18
If your organization needs to share and collaborate on documents at scale while maintaining security, compliance and ease of use Pydio Cells Version 4 here! Our latest version is cloud-ready, scalable and ready for enterprise-level sharing.

Pydio Cells & Enterprise 4.0

Created on 2022/10/18
Cells v4 is a major leap forward for clustered deployments. It features a brand-new microservices engine for unparalleled performance, and new dependency management making it much easier to delegate core services to cloud standards.

Why Is Scalability a Priority for Document Sharing?

Created on 2022/10/14
Scalability isn’t just trendy IT jargon. It’s a core requirement for systems in today’s digital business world. But concretely, how does investing in a scalable solution for document sharing and collaboration benefit your organization? Let’s take a look.

Pydio Cells 4.0.0 Release Candidate (rc7)

Created on 2022/10/12
New public release candidate for Cells v4. Not ready for production!

Pydio Cells Enterprise 3.0.10

Created on 2022/10/10
Cells Cells Enterprise 3.0.10 provide minor fixes and improvements for V3 branch.