Pydio Core 7.0.1 - Upgrade Bugs Fixes

Created on 2016/10/26
Pydio 7 is a major version. 7.0.1 is a small bugfix release.

Pydio Core 7 - Major Version

Created on 2016/10/19
Pydio 7 is a major version.

Pydio Core 6.4.2 - Security Release

Created on 2016/07/25
Pydio 6.4.2 is a security release and should be applied immediately.

Pydio Core 6.4.1 - Bugfix Release

Created on 2016/04/12
Pydio 6.4.1 is a stable release containing most important bugfixes for version 6.4.0.

Pydio Core 6.4.0 - Sharing, UX, Performances

Created on 2016/03/29
Pydio 6.4.0 is a stable release introducing many important new features: federated sharing, UX transitioning to Material Design, Cache Service generalized, and many more exciting improvements!

Pydio Core 6.3.1 - Development Release

Created on 2016/03/11
Pydio 6.3.1 is a development release introducing many important new features. As its name implies, it is NOT production-ready yet. However, the more you help us testing and you report issues, the quicker we will be able to transform it into a stable 6.4.

Pydio Core 6.2.2 - Bugfixes Release

Created on 2016/01/20
Pydio Core 6.2.2 is a bugfix and performances release. It improves compatibility of plugins on the major 6.2 branch.

Pydio 6.2.0 - Performance & bug fixes

Created on 2015/11/11
Pydio 6.2.0 brings massive performance improvements, many bug fixes from previous versions, and a couple of new features.

Pydio 6.0.8 - Security & bugfix release

Created on 2015/06/29
Pydio 6.0.8 - Security & bugfix release We are releasing today another security patch for v6. Vulnerabilities were reported by Lane Thames and William Söderberg, as well as the HP Fortifiy security team. Although they are involving quite complicated reflective XSS scenaris, upgrade is of course highly recommanded. This version also fixes many other issues, and improves translations, see complete change log below.