Pydio Cells & Enterprise 2.0

Created on 2019/11/07
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Cells 2.0 is a major milestone release, bringing new features, better performances and more stability.

Main Changes

Synchronization reboot

The vision we had when rewriting Pydio PHP in GO is finally fulfilled : we are proud to ship CellsSync, a new synchronization client written in 100% GO. CellsSync is sharing most of its code with the Cells server, and most noticeably its internal sync library is the same that is used inside Cells data sources for syncing objects service to indexes.

Cells Sync

Please note that this tool is not yet in v1 (0.9.1) as we need more feedback from the community before tagging it as stable.

Standard Authentication

Our existing OpenID Connect layer has be extended to provide endless SSO possibilities. It is now easy to use Cells as an Identity Provider for any third-party service that is OAuth2 or OIDC compatible. Talking to our REST API has never been easier.

In Cells Enterprise, Cells can be also connected to any external OIDC or SAML identity providers.


Many other improvements

DevOps will love Cells 2.0

Listening to your continuous feedback, we took the time to polish our builds and deployments channel to make sure they meet the standards of a modern cloud architecture. We also took good care of our docs, from the admin guide to the REST APIs and the command line tools documentations.

Of course, during the course of the development cycle, we have fixed many issues and brought small improvements here and there. See the Changelog for more info!

Windows Support

Cells binaries are now available for Windows servers. Tested on Windows Server 2012 and Windows 10.

Migration Tool from Pydio 8

Import existing data (files, workspaces, ACLs, shares...) from a Pydio 8 installation into a brand new Cells installation! All P8 features are not supported but should be good enough for most usecases.

Thank you !

We want to thank all contributors, translators, proof-readers and testers from the community, who have made this release possible. Special mention for @fajo-de@tinymins@rossbeazley, rfonseca1923, @kristapskr@Padtz, @christian.eberle, @nhutoanvn, @spen.aa, @PG-MANA, @i3si.suporte, @koichi, @rasca.luca, @GwynethLlewelyn@bsinou@ghecquet@jthabet@c12simple, Tobi Bleiker.


Use the in-app tool for automatically upgrading the binary, then restart your service. As always, do not forget the setcap command if you are listening to port 80 or 443 before restarting.

Possible migration glitches :

  • TLS management changed a bit between Cells V1 and Cells V2. Particularly, if you are using the embedded self-signed set up, we switched from Caddy automatically-generated certificates to Cells-managed certificates. Everything should be fine on restart, but you may want to run cells config proxy tls to regenerate a proper configuration.
  • For installations based on the official Docker Hub image, please read the Migration from 1.X section at the bottom of the hub page, some flags have changed that you might have to be aware of.

Change log

You can find a summary of the change log here.


See 2.0.X releases !

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