Pydio Enterprise 6.4.1 - Bugfix Release

Created on 2016/04/12
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Pydio Enterprise 6.4.1 fixes most blocking issues revealed by the massive upgrade to 6.4.0. Installation is done via the "Stable" update channel in-app, or via Linux packages manager depending on your installation mode.

Please refer to Pydio Enterprise 6.4.0 release note if you need more info about this major release.

Most noticeable changes

  • Many issues fixed in shares, linked to the deep refactoring of this feature. Amongst others, the "shorten" plugins were broken.
  • UI : Missing close button on some new dialogs, mobile display of the web UI was a little buggy
  • CMS Bridges where broken due to an issue in the glueCode.php file
  • Federated Sharing: some installs could have issues with URI's.

Detailed Changelog

  • Fix GlueCode.php (details)
  • Use longer description in api generator. (details)
  • Missing media.css file in gruntfile. (details)
  • Missing log for ShareNode action (details)
  • Fix method signature for PHP7 (details)
  • Expand api docs generator (details)
  • Rework Share options for folders / files vs. public links / internal sharing - Fix #1143 Better invalid share detection and remove it from meta. Fix many error messages. (details)
  • Update i18n (details)
  • Core.mailer : add DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS (details)
  • Do not display section title if list is empty - Fix #1154 (details)
  • Fix #1148 (details)
  • Fix some media CSS (details)
  • Fix various glitches on Spanish language. Close #1136 (details)
  • Fix #1128 : add the ability to reject a previously accepted share. (details)
  • Make sure to transfer an empty DATA_TEMPLATE value to child repository - Fix #1152 Fix broken unsharing. (details)
  • Remove legacy share js resources - Discourage people to use old themes for now. (details)
  • Add a canWrite attribute on editors declaration, use it in ShareDialog to detect if a file has "writeable" editors and show an additional Edit permission for public links on files. (details)
  • Fix various issues with shares lists, especially in My Account & Admin panels. (details)
  • Use original_path for header if present in metadata. (details)
  • Fix failed remote share: make sure to remove unnecessary data on failure. (details)
  • Display close icon for mp3 player. Fix #1156 (details)
  • Fix htaccess tpl : replace ocs.php by opencollab.php (details)
  • Rewire missing action for deleting user-created workspace. (details)
  • Fixing S3 and webdav access (details)
  • Fix to #1157: adding support for apcu (details)
  • Fix to support mysqli (details)
  • Display close icon for versioning plugins (details)
  • Updated german translations and unified various words (details)
  • Fixed typo (details)
  • Fix broken shortener plugins : use a url.shorten hook instead of capturing share action output. Store data in share instead of metadata. (details)


  • Pydio Enterprise 6.4.1 - Zip Archive [authentication required] - No Arch : Download
  • Pydio Enterprise 6.4.1 - Tgz Archive [authentication required] - No Arch : Download