You can find below a list of problems commonly encountered when installing and configuring Pydio Cells and Pydio Cells Mobile Application, together with strategies to diagnose and fix them.

You can find more use cases and solution in our FAQ, our Knowledge Base and our forum.

Cells Server

Cells working directories

By default, application data is stored under the standard OS application dir:

  • Linux: ${USER_HOME}/.config/pydio/cells
  • Darwin: ${USER_HOME}/Library/Application Support/Pydio/cells
  • Windows: ${USER_HOME}/ApplicationData/Roaming/Pydio/cells

You can customize the various storage locations with the following ENV variables:

  • CELLS_WORKING_DIR : replace the whole standard application dir
  • CELLS_DATA_DIR : replace the location for storing default datasources (default CELLS_WORKING_DIR/data)
  • CELLS_LOG_DIR : replace the location for storing logs (default CELLS_WORKING_DIR/logs)
  • CELLS_SERVICES_DIR : replace location for services-specific data (default CELLS_WORKING_DIR/services)

Progress freezes during browser install

  • No progress appears during install

During the installation process, if there is no progress bar but the console is still showing some activities; it is OK. A manual refresh at the end of the install will load the login page.

  • The wizard is stucked at the end of the install

After the install, if the page does not refresh automatically in tls self-signed mode it is OK.
A manual refresh will load the login page.

Unable to bind port 443

You have configured the bind URL with port 443 and enable redirection of port 80. You get an error page "Unable to connect" when you try to connect.

Check the error log, if you sse such an error:

2018-05-21T10:55:57.532+0200   ERROR   pydio.grpc.gateway.proxy   Could not run   {"error": "listen tcp :443: bind: permission denied"}

You probably did not give permission to the cells binary file to use reserved ports. To fix this:

sudo setcap 'cap_net_bind_service=+ep' cells address

If you wish to use the address you must respect this rule, cells_bind has to be exactly like this cells_bind=<port> and cells_external=<domain name,address>:<port>, the port is mandatory in both otherwise you will have a grey screen stuck in the loading

Hydra Error after install

On first start or just after the installation terminated, you get such an error:

 [0002] Could not ensure that signing keys for "" exists. This can happen if you forget to run "hydra migrate sql", set the wrong "secrets.system" or forget to set "secrets.system" entirely.  error="cipher: message authentication failed"

It usually means you have performed another install without correctly cleaning the DB.

Unable to log in

After a re-install, when trying to login, you get a could not load session store: securecookie: the value is not valid error.

This is bound to the part of the session mechanism that resides in the browser, on client side. To solve the issue, get rid of all cookie for this site and refresh the page.

Cells Sync

Cannot list workspaces

If you are getting an error when you attempt to list the workspaces then your server might be running behind a reverse proxy, in this case you must use TLS on Cells and on the reverse proxy, please refer to our dedicated documentation Running Cells Behind a reverse Proxy.

I do see not my workspaces

Make sure that your workspaces are syncable (enable settings in workspace menu)

Unable to create or list folder on local system

  • Macos users might require permissions, System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Files and Folders and allow access.

Missing package (LINUX)

  • If you are getting this error (on Gnome):
./cells-sync: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  • Then install sudo apt install libappindicator3-1

Still stuck?

In case you do not find the answer you are looking for here, please do not ask question in github issues, nor in Twitter or other social feed: our preferred communication channel is our Forum.

So, what should I do in case of:

And only if you're invited to:

  • Post a github issue: make sure to put as much detail as possible.
  • or submit a pull request.
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