cec config add client-auth

Connect to the server using Client Credentials



Configure your Cells Client to connect to your distant server using Client Credentials. Note that this procedure is less secure than the other ones (using OAuth2 or a Personal Access Token).

Please also beware that the password will be stored in clear text if you do not have a correctly configured and running keyring on your client machine.


This command launches an interactive process that gather necessary information to configure your connection to a running Cells server. You must provide a valid login and password for a user with enough permissions to achieve what you want on the server.

You can also go through the whole process in a non-interactive manner by using the provided flags.

./cec config add client-auth [flags]


  -h, --help   help for client-auth

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string     Location of Cells Client's config files (default: /home/teamcity/.config/pydio/cells-client/config.json)
      --log string        change log level (default: info) (default "info")
      --login string      The user login, for Client auth only
      --no-cache          Force token refresh at each call. This might slow down scripts with many calls
      --password string   The user password, for Client auth only
      --skip-keyring      Explicitly tell the tool to *NOT* try to use a keyring, even if present. Warning: sensitive information will be stored in clear text
      --skip-verify       By default the Cells Client verifies the validity of TLS certificates for each communication. This option skips TLS certificate verification
  -t, --token string      A valid Personal Access Token (PAT)
  -u, --url string        The full URL of the target server


  • ./cec config add - Configure a new connection to a running server and persist credentials locally
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