cells-enterprise admin clean resync

And a TriggerResync gRPC command to a service



TriggerResync is a generic gRPC endpoint that can be implemented by various services to perform internal clean-up or resynchronization.

This can be currently used for datasources (see 'admin datasource' commands), search engine, logs (for truncating). The "path" can be used by some services to read additional parameters.


To trigger the re-indexation of "pydiods1" datasource, target the "sync" service associated to the datasource :

  1. Equivalent to "admin datasource resync" command: $ ./cells-enterprise clean admin resync --service=pydio.grpc.data.sync.pydiods1

  2. Re-index search engine: $ ./cells-enterprise clean admin resync -s pydio.grpc.search

  3. Truncate logs to a given size (in bytes): $ ./cells-enterprise clean admin resync --service=pydio.grpc.logs --path=TRUNCATE/200000

./cells-enterprise admin clean resync [flags]


  -h, --help             help for resync
  -p, --path string      Can be used by some services to read additional parameters (default "/")
  -s, --service string   If no datasource name is passed, use the complete service name to resync

Options inherited from parent commands

      --advertise_address string     Default advertise address (default "")
      --broker string                Pub/sub service for events between services (default "grpc://:8030")
      --config string                Configuration storage URL. Supported schemes: etcd|etcd+tls|file|grpc|mem|vault|vaults (default "file:///home/teamcity/.config/pydio/cells/pydio.json")
      --discovery string             Registry and pub/sub (default "grpc://:8030")
      --grpc_client_timeout string   Default timeout for long-running GRPC calls, expressed as a golang duration (default "60m")
      --registry string              Registry used to contact services (default "grpc://:8030")


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