cells-enterprise admin user token

./cells-enterprise admin user token

Generate a personal token for a user



Generate a personal authentication token for a user. Expiration can be set in two ways:
+ A hard limit, by using the -e flag (duration) + A sliding window by using the -a flag (duration): in that case the token expiration will be refreshed each time the token is used (e.g a request using this token is received).


Generate a token that lasts 24 hours for user admin $ ./cells-enterprise user token -u admin -e 24h

Generate a token that lasts by default 10mn, but which expiration is refreshed to the next 10mn each time token is used. $ ./cells-enterprise user token -u admin -a 10m


These token can be used in replacement of an OAuth2-based access token : they can replace the "Bearer" access token when calling any REST API. They can also be used as the password (in conjunction with username) for all basic-auth based APIs (e.g. webDAV).


By default, generated tokens grant the same level of access as a standard login operation. To improve security, it is possible to restrict these accesses to a specific file or folder (given it is accessible by the user in first place) with a "scope" in the format "node:NODE_UUID:PERMISSION" where PERMISSION string contains either "r" (read) or "w" (write) or both.

./cells-enterprise admin user token [flags]


  -a, --auto string     Auto-refresh (number of seconds, see help)
  -e, --expire string   Expire after duration, format is 20u where u is a unit: s (second), (minute), h (hour), d(day).
  -h, --help            help for token
  -s, --scope strings   Optional scopes
  -u, --user string     User login (mandatory)

Options inherited from parent commands

      --broker string                     Pub/sub service for events between services (currently nats only) (default "nats")
      --broker_address string             Nats broker port (default ":4222")
      --registry_address string           Registry connection address (default ":4222")
      --registry_cluster_address string   Registry cluster address
      --registry_cluster_routes string    Registry cluster routes
      --transport string                  Transport protocol for RPC (default "grpc")
      --transport_address string          Transport protocol port (default ":4222")


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