cells admin datasource snapshot

Dump/Load snapshot of the index for a flat datasource



For flat format datasources, files are stored horizontally with UUID as their names inside the storage. The associated tree structure (files and folders) is maintained in the Cells database only. For backup/restore operations, it can be useful to regularly dump a snapshot of this tree structure inside a particular file inside the storage, which can be later used to reload data on a clean installation.

This command allows to dump/load the index on-file.


  1. Dump database index inside a snapshot.db file inside the datasource storage: $ ./cells admin datasource snapshot --datasource=pydiods1 --operation=dump --basename=snapshot.db

  2. Reload database index from a snapshot.db file located inside the datasource storage: $ ./cells admin datasource snapshot --datasource=pydiods1 --operation=load --basename=snapshot.db

  3. Remove a known snapshot.db file from datasource storage: $ ./cells admin datasource snapshot --datasource=pydiods1 --operation=delete --basename=snapshot.db

./cells admin datasource snapshot [flags]


  -b, --basename string     Basename of the snapshot file inside the datasource storage bucket (default "snapshot.db")
  -d, --datasource string   Name of datasource to resynchronize
  -f, --force               Force operation, skip confirmation prompts
  -h, --help                help for snapshot
  -o, --operation string    One of [dump|load|delete] to either dump index, reload an existing snapshot, or remove a snapshot (default "dump")

Options inherited from parent commands

      --advertise_address string     Default advertise address (default "")
      --broker string                Pub/sub service for events between services (default "grpc://:8030")
      --config string                Configuration storage URL. Supported schemes: etcd|etcd+tls|file|grpc|mem|vault|vaults (default "file:///home/teamcity/.config/pydio/cells/pydio.json")
      --discovery string             Registry and pub/sub (default "grpc://:8030")
      --grpc_client_timeout string   Default timeout for long-running GRPC calls, expressed as a golang duration (default "60m")
      --registry string              Registry used to contact services (default "grpc://:8030")


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