How to contribute


Expected code style and rules that we internally respect are defined in the Contributing manifest that can be found in the main Pydio Cells repository on Github.

Reporting Bugs

As described in the main contribution rules, we use Github only for "qualified bugs" : bugs that are easily reproduced and validated by a Pydio Team member. Our preferred communication channel is our Forum. Please do not ask question in github issues, nor in Twitter or other social feed.

So, what should I do in case of:

  • Install or upgrade issue? Search the F.A.Q or READ THE DOCS
  • No answer yet? Search the FORUM
  • Still stuck? It's time to ask the community via the FORUM

And only if you're invited to:

  • Post a github issue: make sure to put as much detail as possible.
  • or submit a pull request.

Branches and PRs

The code is currently using 3 branches (not counting the temporary dev branches):

  • master: upstream branch, use this as default for Pull Requests
  • stable: the last stable version released
  • x: (experimental) contains features that are already advanced but still considered unstable.

Pull requests must comply with the main Guidelines (described above). They must come with dedicated passing tests. It can take some time to review and accept them, please be patient, and eventually update them regularly if the master branch is changing.

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