cells-enterprise admin config history

./cells-enterprise admin config history

Show the history of all configuration changes



View all changes ever made to the configuration and revert to a given version if necessary.

A version is created at each call to config.Save() inside the application, along with a log message and the user originating this call.

./cells-enterprise admin config history [flags]


      --cat string       Print the JSON content of the config for this version
      --diff string      Display a Diff between two versions, either by providing VERSION1:VERSION2 or just VERSION1 (will be compared to previous one)
      --file string      Point to a specific DB file instead of default
  -h, --help             help for history
      --restore string   Restore configuration to this specific version

Options inherited from parent commands

      --broker string                     Pub/sub service for events between services (currently nats only) (default "nats")
      --broker_address string             Nats broker port (default ":4222")
      --registry_address string           Registry connection address (default ":4222")
      --registry_cluster_address string   Registry cluster address
      --registry_cluster_routes string    Registry cluster routes
      --transport string                  Transport protocol for RPC (default "grpc")
      --transport_address string          Transport protocol port (default ":4222")


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