POST /a/config/ctl

[Not Implemented] Start/Stop a service

Body Parameters

Name Description Type Required
Command Command to apply (START or STOP) #/definitions/ctlServiceCommand
NodeName Name of the node string
ServiceName Name of the service to stop string

Body Example

  "Command": "string",
  "NodeName": "string",
  "ServiceName": "string"

Response Example (200)

Response Type /definitions/ctlService

  "Controllable": true,
  "Description": "string",
  "Metadata": {},
  "Name": "string",
  "RunningPeers": [
      "Address": "string",
      "Id": "string",
      "Metadata": {},
      "Port": 10
  "Status": "string",
  "Tag": "string",
  "Version": "string"
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