cec scp

Copy files from/to Cells



Copy files from the client machine to your Pydio Cells server instance (and vice versa).

To differentiate local from remote, prefix remote paths with 'cells://' or with 'cells//' (without the column) if you have installed the completion and intend to use it. For the time being, copy can only be performed from the client machine to the server or the otherway round: it is not yet possible to copy from one Cells instance to another.


Note that you can rename the file or base folder that you upload/download if:
- last part of the target path is a new name that does not exist,
- parent path exists and is a folder at target location.


1/ Uploading a file to the server: $ ./cec scp ./README.md cells://common-files/ Copying ./README.md to cells://common-files/ Waiting for file to be indexed... File correctly indexed

2/ Download a file from server: $ ./cec scp cells://personal-files/funnyCat.jpg ./ Copying cells://personal-files/funnyCat.jpg to /home/pydio/downloads/

3/ Download a file changing its name - remember: this will fail if a 'cat2.jpg' file already exists: $ ./cec scp cells://personal-files/funnyCat.jpg ./cat2.jpg Copying cells://personal-files/funnyCat.jpg to /home/pydio/downloads/

./cec scp [flags]


  -h, --help                      help for scp
      --max-parts-number int      Maximum number of parts, S3 supports 10000 but some storage require less parts. (default 5000)
      --multipart-threshold int   Files bigger than this size (in MB) will be uploaded using Multipart Upload. (default 100)
      --part-size int             Default part size (MB), must always be a multiple of 10MB. It will be recalculated based on the max-parts-number value. (default 50)
      --parts-concurrency int     Number of concurrent part uploads. (default 3)
  -q, --quiet                     Reduce refresh frequency of the progress bars, e.g when runing cec in a bash script
      --skip-md5                  Do not compute md5 (for files bigger than 5GB, it is not computed by default for smaller files).
      --timeout int               Set an arbitrary timeout for each upload request (in sec.), default is no timeout. (default -1)
  -v, --verbose                   Hide progress bar and rather display more log info during the transfers
  -w, --very-verbose              Hide progress bar and rather print out a maximum of log info

Options inherited from parent commands

      --config string     Location of Cells Client's config files (default: /home/teamcity/.config/pydio/cells-client/config.json)
      --login string      The user login, for Client auth only
      --no_cache          Force token refresh at each call. This might slow down scripts with many calls
      --password string   The user password, for Client auth only
      --skip_keyring      Explicitly tell the tool to *NOT* try to use a keyring, even if present. Warning: sensitive information will be stored in clear text
      --skip_verify       By default the Cells Client verifies the validity of TLS certificates for each communication. This option skips TLS certificate verification
  -t, --token string      A valid Personal Access Token (PAT)
  -u, --url string        The full URL of the target server


  • ./cec - Connect to a Pydio Cells server using the command line
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