cells-enterprise admin jobs unlock-public

Unlock password-protected links that may have been blocked by wrong password



Launch a dedicated job to list 'hidden' users (that are automatically associated to public links) and unlock them if they are locked.

This may be the result of password-protected links being brute-forced with wrong credentials attempts.

./cells-enterprise admin jobs unlock-public [flags]


  -a, --admin_user string   Administrative user login for running job in scheduler
  -h, --help                help for unlock-public

Options inherited from parent commands

      --advertise_address string   Default advertise address (default "")
      --broker string              Pub/sub service for events between services (default "grpc://:8030")
      --config string              Configuration storage URL. Supported schemes: etcd|etcd+tls|file|grpc|mem|vault|vaults (default "file:///home/teamcity/.config/pydio/cells/pydio.json")
      --discovery string           Registry and pub/sub (default "grpc://:8030")
      --registry string            Registry used to contact services (default "grpc://:8030")


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