POST /a/log/audit

[Enterprise Only] Auditable Logs, in Json or CSV format

Body Parameters

Name Description Type Required
Format #/definitions/ListLogRequestLogFormat
Page Start at page integer
Query Bleve-type Query stsring string
Size Number of results integer

Body Example

  "Format": "string",
  "Page": 10,
  "Query": "string",
  "Size": 10

Response Example (200)

Response Type /definitions/restLogMessageCollection

  "Logs": [
      "GroupPath": "string",
      "HttpProtocol": "string",
      "JsonZaps": "string",
      "Level": "string",
      "Logger": "string",
      "Msg": "string",
      "MsgId": "string",
      "NodePath": "string",
      "NodeUuid": "string",
      "OperationLabel": "string",
      "OperationUuid": "string",
      "Profile": "string",
      "RemoteAddress": "string",
      "RoleUuids": [
      "SchedulerJobUuid": "string",
      "SchedulerTaskActionPath": "string",
      "SchedulerTaskUuid": "string",
      "SpanParentUuid": "string",
      "SpanRootUuid": "string",
      "SpanUuid": "string",
      "TransferSize": "string",
      "Ts": 10,
      "UserAgent": "string",
      "UserName": "string",
      "UserUuid": "string",
      "WsScope": "string",
      "WsUuid": "string"
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