POST /a/workspace

Search workspaces on certain keys

Body Parameters

Name Description Type Required
CountOnly Return counts only, no actual results boolean
GroupBy Group results integer
Limit Limit the number of results string
Offset Start listing at a given position string
Operation Single queries will be combined using this operation AND or OR logic #/definitions/serviceOperationType
Queries Atomic queries that will be combined using the OperationType (AND or OR) array
ResourcePolicyQuery Policies queries to filter the search context #/definitions/restResourcePolicyQuery

Body Example

  "CountOnly": true,
  "GroupBy": 10,
  "Limit": "string",
  "Offset": "string",
  "Operation": "string",
  "Queries": [
      "AttributeName": "string",
      "AttributeValue": "string",
      "HasAttribute": "string",
      "LastUpdated": "string",
      "description": "string",
      "label": "string",
      "not": true,
      "scope": "string",
      "slug": "string",
      "uuid": "string"
  "ResourcePolicyQuery": {
    "Type": "string",
    "UserId": "string"

Response Example (200)

Response Type /definitions/restWorkspaceCollection

  "Total": 10,
  "Workspaces": [
      "Attributes": "string",
      "Description": "string",
      "Label": "string",
      "LastUpdated": 10,
      "Policies": [
          "Action": "string",
          "Effect": "string",
          "JsonConditions": "string",
          "Resource": "string",
          "Subject": "string",
          "id": "string"
      "PoliciesContextEditable": true,
      "RootNodes": {},
      "RootUUIDs": [
      "Scope": "string",
      "Slug": "string",
      "UUID": "string"
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