Welcome to the Cells v2 APIs and tooling references.


This is a good start if you wich to :

  • Programmatically interact with a Cells instance, for deployment automation, workflows, etc.
  • Learn more about the available Rest APIs and command line tools
  • Develop your own extensions to Cells
  • Fix bugs and submit pull requests to the project

For regular users, the Cells distribution comes in the form of precompiled binaries for Linux, MacOS X and Windows and there is no need to re-compile the code nor to understand the concepts that are presented in the current document.


The current document is not exhaustive and the reader might also refer to other Pydio Cells documentation sources to get a complete understanding of the application, namely:

  • The admin guide: this is a must-read to understand the application before starting to hack.
  • The in-line documentation within the User Interface: we always try to have a self-explanatory and intuitive UI, with a lot of hints directly visible in the interface. Furthermore, a complete documentation of the REST APIs and services is accessible from the admin dashboard under All Plugins >> REST APIs. It is automatically generated with Swagger.
  • The code on Github.
  • The on-line Go Documentation.
  • The Pydio forum: if your question is not answered in any of the documentation, somebody might have already asked it in the forum.
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